New drums! Almost died! Most intense weekend ever!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I had to share this story with you all. Two weeks ago on the way to an out of town gig, my singer flipped his van with his family inside. Thankfully everyone was okay. We get to the gig and it’s rained out with actual tornados forming, two songs into set two. On the way home from the gig this happens…

advanced drum lessons main video imageI was asleep in shotgun when the impact happened. Apparently a HERD of cattle meandered their way into oncoming traffic and damn near killed us both… I awoke to the impact and an airbag inflating in my face, we’re spinning out of control and both yelling. I was completely disoriented and confused. By the time the van stopped moving, I mentally took check of my limbs and after what seemed like an eternity managed to choke out, “Dude… what happened!?”. We got out to see the van absolutely destroyed with debris as far as you could see in every direction. If the hood hadn’t flipped up the way it did, the cow’s body would have come through the windshield and crushed us both.

Twelve hours prior to this I received a MINT condition Sonor Signature Heavy Bubinga set! 10×10, 12×12, 13×13, 14×14, 15×17, 16×18, 22×18 and the heavy beech 14×8 for a session next month. I can’t help but think how close I came to Spinal Tapping that artist 😛

Let’s see some gear porn 🙂 *click the pics for larger versions

advanced drum lessons main video image

advanced drum lessons main video image

advanced drum lessons main video image


advanced drum lessons main video image

advanced drum lessons main video image


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Capitol Spill – New Single from upcoming 13/8Bit Record

Third Ion – Collapse (edit)

This is my new band! We’re made up of myself, Mike Young (Devin Townsend Band) – Bass, Justin Bender (Into Eternity) – Guitar and Tyler Gilbert on vocals.

advanced drum lessons main video image

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The Advanced Drum Lessons concept :

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