DRUMS : Sonor

I’ll be the first to admit I have an addiction here! I proudly endorse Sonor drums and use high end drums in all their available materials. Generally live I use a much smaller setup than I have in my videos. Usually as little as possible. Snare drum, bass and a floor tom with a ride and hats.

Drum Kits

Sonor Signature Heavy : Bubinga
8×8 Mounted Tom
10×10 Mounted Tom
12×12 Mounted Tom
13×13 Mounted Tom
14×14 Mounted Tom
15×17 Floor Tom
16×18 Floor Tom
22×18 Virgin Bass Drum
22×18 Virgin Bass Drum

Sonor SQ2 Beech Heavy (Toms) Beech Medium (Basses / Gong Drum) : Stratawood / Ebony
8×8 Suspended Tom
10×8 Suspended Tom
12×8 Suspended Tom
13×8 Suspended Tom
14×12 Floor Tom
15×13 Floor Tom
16×14 Floor Tom
18×15 Floor Tom
16×16 Bass Drum
20×20 Bass Drum
22×20 Bass Drum
26×17 Bass Drum
22×16 Gong Drum

Sonor SQ2 Beech Vintage : Ebony
8×7 Suspended Tom
10×7 Suspended Tom
12×8 Suspended Tom
13×9 Suspended Tom
15×11 Suspended Tom
14×14 Floor Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
18×18 Floor Tom
18×18 Bass Drum
22×19 Bass Drum
26×22 Bass Drum
18×15 Gong Drum
22×16 Gong Drum

Sonor S-Classix : Walnut Roots
8×7 Suspended Tom
10×8 Suspended Tom
12×9 Suspended Tom
13×10 Suspended Tom
14×11 Suspended Tom
16×13 Suspended Tom
14×14 Floor Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
18×16 Floor Tom
18×16 Bass Drum
20×17.5 Bass Drum
20×17.5 Bass Drum
22×17.5 Bass Drum
22×17.5 Bass Drum
20×16 Gong Drum (SQ2 Birch Medium)

Sonor Teardrop 1968
13×8 Suspended Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
20×14 Bass Drum

Sonor Select Force : Dark Forest Burst
8×7 Suspended Tom
10×8 Suspended Tom
12×9 Suspended Tom
13×9 Suspended Tom
14×11 Floor Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
18×16 Floor Tom
16×16 Bass Drum
20×17.5 Bass Drum
24×15 Bass Drum

Snare Drums : (Click the name to hear them)

15×3 RS Williams Mahogany w/ Wood Hoops (1910!)
14×8 Sonor SQ2 Maple Heavy (12 ply 8mm Maple) Golden Madrone Semi Gloss (in and out)

14×8 Sonor SQ2 XRay (6mm Acrylic) Clear 
14×8 Sonor Signature Heavy (12 ply 12mm Beech) Bubinga (in and out)
14×8 Sonor Signature Ferro Manganese Steel
14×8 Sonor Signature Lite (12 ply 7mm Birch) Makassar Ebony (in and out)
14×8 Sonor Phonic (9ply 9mm Beech) Impala Grey
14×7 Sonor Ascent (9 ply 8.75mm Beech) Blue Roots (From the Designer series)
14×6.5 Sonor Phonic Reissue (12 ply 12mm Beech) Rosewood (in and out)
14×6.5 Sonor Phonic Ferro Manganese Steel
14×6.5 Sonor Select Force (7 ply 5.8mm Maple) Dark Forest Burst
14×6 Sonor SQ2 Beech Heavy (12 ply 8mm Beech) Ebony High Gloss / Ebony 
14×6 Sonor SQ2 Maple Medium (9 ply 6mm Maple) Bubinga Semi Gloss
14×6 Sonor Pure Canadian (13ply 9mm Maple) Stain Black
14×5.75 Sonor Phonic Ferro Manganese Steel
14×5.25 Sonor Super Extra (Beech ) (1956) Zebrawood
14×5 Sonor Designer Maple Light (9 ply 6.7mm Maple) Turquoise
14×5 Sonor Artist Steel (1mm Steel) Chrome
14×5 Sonor Phil Rudd Signature (1mm Brass) Chrome
14×5 Sonor D471 (6 ply Beech) (1967) : Red Slate
14×4.25 Sonor Designer Ferro Manganese Steel
14×2.5 Sonor Pancake (6 ply 4mm? Beech) : White Marine Pearl
13×8 Entity Workshop Jarrah Stave 12mm with matching Jarrah Hoops
13×8 Sonor SQ2 Maple Thin (9 ply 5mm Maple) Red Tribal/Ebony
13×8 Sonor SQ2 XRay (6mm Acrylic) Clear
13×7 Sonor Artist (12 ply 8mm Maple) Amboina
13×5.75 Sonor Benny Greb Signature (9 ply 5mm Beech) Scandinavian Birch
13×5 Sonor Artist (27 ply 28mm Beech) Earth
13×4.25 Sonor SQ2 Birch Thin (9 ply 5mm Birch) Mint Sparkle/Ebony
12×7.5 Sonor SQ2 XRay (6mm Acrylic) Clear
12×7 Sonor Designer Maple Light (9 ply 6.7mm Maple) Smoke Fade/Blanched Roots
12×5 Sonor Designer Maple Light (9 ply 6.7mm Maple) Birdseye Blue
12×4.25 Sonor SQ2 Birch Thin (9 ply 5mm Birch) Ebony/Ebony
10×7 Sonor SQ2 XRay (6mm Acrylic) Clear
10×6 Sonor Designer Maple Light (9 ply 6.7mm Maple) Walnut Roots
10×5 Sonor Designer Maple Light (9 ply 6.7mm Maple) Tribal
10×4.25 Sonor SQ2 Birch Thin (9 ply 5mm Birch) Ebony/Ebony
10×2 Sonor Jungle Snare (7 ply 5.8mm Maple) Natural

Snares I’ve sold but did videos for :
14×5 Sonor D471 (6 ply Beech) (1966) : Red Strata
13×8.5 Sonor TearDrop (1966) Tom Conversion : Red Strata
14×8 Sonor Danny Carey Signature (1mm Bronze) Dunnett Acid Custom
14×6 Sonor Delite (2007) (6 ply 4mm plus 3 ply 2mm dynamic edge Maple) Walnut Roots
14×5 Sonor S-Classix (9 ply 5mm Birch) Ebony
14×4.25 Sonor Delite Early (9 ply 6mm+3 ply 2mm dynamic edge Maple) Birdseye Cherry
12×5 Sonor S-Classix (9 ply 5mm Birch) Rosewood

Cymbals : Sabian

Rides :
23″ HHX Prototype “secret” Ride (N)
22″ HHX Omni (N/T)
22″ HH Jam Master (B)
21″ Signature Fierce Ride
21″ HHX Groove Ride (B)
21″ Signature Encore Ride (T)
20″ Signature Encore Ride (N)
20″ AAX Stage Ride (B)
19″ AAX Tremor
18.5″ Radia 7-Hole Iso-Power Bell Prototype Ride
18.5″ Radia 5-Hole Iso-Power Bell Prototype Ride

Hats :
18″ AA Sick Hats (N)
16″ AAX-Plosion Hats (B)
15″ HHX Compression Hats (N)
15″ Fierce Hat (Bottom Only) w/15 Rivets (N)
14″ AAX Stage Hats (B)
14″ Signature Encore Hats (N)
14″ HHX Evolution Hats (B)
14/12″ B8 Pro Assault Hats (B)
13″ HHX Evolution Hats (B)
13″ Vault Fierce Hats (N)
12″ Signature Jam Master Mini-Hats (T)

Crashes :
20″ AAX Iso-Crash (B)
19″ HHX-Treme Crash (T)
18″ HHX-Treme Crash (T)
18″ AAX Iso-Crash (B)
18″ HHX Ozone Crash (B)
16″ HHX Ozone Crash (B)
16″ AAX Ozone Crash (B)
16″ AAX Iso-Crash (B)
16″ AAX Stage Crash (B)

Chinas :
21″ AAX-Tremem China (B)
19″ Paragon China (T)
17″ AA Holy China (B)
17″ AAXTreme China (B)
14″ AAX Mini China (With 5 Ozone Holes) (T)
14″ B8 Pro Mini China (B)

Splashes :
12″ Glennie’s Garbage (T)
10″ Prototype Fierce Splash (N)
10″ AAX Air Splash (B)
8″ AAX Air Splah (B)
8″ Glennie’s Garbage (T)

Effects :
19″ AAX Manta Ray (N)
14″ Hoop Crasher (T)
14″/12″ Max Stax (B)
12″ Alien Disc (N)
10″ Alien Disc (N)
10″ Max Stax (B)
9″ Radia Cup Chime (N)
8″ Radia Cup Chime (N)
8″ Max Stax (B)
7″ Radia Cup Chime (N)

Drum Heads : Evans

I’m a proud Evans drumhead endorser, my head selection varies depending on the kit and I tend to change it up a lot as you can get a lot of really awesome sounds with Evans heads.

Tom Batters : G1 Clear, GPlus Clear, J1 Etched, G2 Clear, Onyx, EC2 SST, G14
Tom Resonant : G1 Clear, GPlus
Snare Batter : G1 Coated (favourite), GPlus Coated (and the discontinued frosted), Power Center Reverse Dot (Frosted / Coated), Onyx
Snare (Wire) Side : Hazy 300
Bass Drum Batter : EQ1, EQ3, EQ4, EMAD, G1 : generally all with a pair of AF Patches
Bass Drum Resonant : EQ1 (batter) clear/frosted, EMAD Resonant, EQ3 Resonant, Onyx Resonant
Gong Drum : EQ1 Clear

I also like to experiment, so I don’t stay exclusively in that list.

Drum Sticks : Vater

I proudly endorse Vater drum sticks and mallets. I spent years when I was younger trying EVERYTHING and researching the exact aspects of stick construction that I needed in a stick. I needed it to be solid, I needed a short taper, a barrel tip, pretty fat with a somewhat heavy weight to it. After years of searching the Virgil’s Assault slipped into my hands and I haven’t put them down since! I also use the Phat Ride, T3 Mallets and WireTap Brushes

For pad warmup and somewhat of a technique microscope I also use and endorse Power Wrist Builders. I personally use the red pair.

Snare Wires : Puresound

Super 30
Custom Pro
As with drumheads, I like to experiment, so I don’t stay exclusively in that list.

Electronic Percussion

Roland TM-2
Roland PDX-8 (x2)
Roland SPD-S
Mandala Pads (x2)
Korg Wave Drum (Ltd Edition)

Studio Gear

Studio Rack

Outboard :

Shadow Hills : Vintage King Class A Mastering Compressor
Shadow Hills : The Equinox
Shadow Hills : Quad GAMA
Great River : MP-2NV
API : 3124+
API : 3124+
Universal Audio : 4-710d
Universal Audio : 4-710d
Apogee : Rosetta 200
Apogee : Big Ben
SSL : Alphalink MADI AX
SSL : Alphalink MX 4-16
Shadow Hills : Rack Mounted PSU (x2)
Furman : M-8×2 (x3)

Microphones :

Royer R-122v (x2 Matched Pair)
Royer R-122 (x2 Matched Pair)
Sennheiser MD421 (x9)
Sennheiser e604 (x6)
Shure SM57 (x5)
Shure Beta 52 (x1)
Shure Beta 91A (x2)
Audix i5 (x3)
Audix D6 (x3)
12 Gauge Microphones Red Omni (x2)
12 Gauge Microphones Green Cardioid (x2)
12 Gauge Microphones Black Stereo (x1)
AKG D112 (x1)
Rode NTG-3
Audio Technica AT4041 (x2)
Yamaha Subkick (x1)
Rode NT-4 (x1)