Winnipeg Drum Lessons : Private / One on One

Winnipeg Drum lessons located in Charleswood. My teaching studio consists of two un-muted acoustic drum sets. It’s real one-on-one lessons from a seasoned, professional musician/clinician. I’ve been teaching and playing music as 100% of my income for over a decade. I’ve had many drum educational articles featured in magazines as well.

I’m going to help you learn how to drum. My name is Aaron Edgar I’ve been playing drums for nearly 20 years, professionally full time for 12. I’ve toured all over the country with various artists across many styles, both signed on major labels and otherwise. I’m well versed in playing and teaching all styles of music. I specialize in extreme styles such as: Metal, dnb (Drum n’ Bass), Rhythmic IllusionsPolyrhythms,Metric Modulations and more!

That’s not to say I don’t do well with beginners. Quite the contrary, actually. I even have my own beginner books I’ve written and self-published. The first of which being “BOOM!! A Beginner’s Guide To Making Noise” Available on my website :

Learn how to drum with custom drum lessons where my goal is to help you achieve YOUR goals. Not something set up as a format for all lessons. These drum lessons are based on the student’s needs and requirements. You’re not going to be learning the same stuff the person before you is learning, this is entirely about you.

Learn how to drum with one of my full blown courses (in progress). Ask me for details!

Winnipeg Drum Lessons Schedule :

  • Hour weekly : $40/each
  • Hour bi-weekly : $40/each
  • Half hour weekly : $25/each

Some Of The Available Lesson Subjects

If you’d like to see me in action I have hundreds of high quality videos online. Available both on my website and YouTube channel. I you like them, feel free to subscribe as I’m always uploading new content that’s both educational and entertaining. My lessons have been featured on the front page of

Occasionally we have our guest instructor, Stengah. AKA Catt Halpern of Purriphery sit in to teach us all about polyrhythms in the fuzziest manner available.
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I’m proud to endorse : SonorHammeraxVaterProtection RacketPuresoundEvansPearl (pedals), S-HoopsEccentric SystemsBillDidIt, Kelly SHU and Lewi Customs.

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eMail : a.edgardrum{at}
Phone : (204)955-3786

If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!