Aaron Edgar – About

Aaron Edgar – About

Hi! My name is Aaron Edgar and welcome to my video blog, The Brain Exchange! This site is aimed at those interested in bettering themselves on their instrument. Particularly for those interested in the more taboo rhythmic concepts.

What You Will Find On This Video Blog

This video blog is dedicated to the art of drumming. Mostly instructional content spanning many styles and concepts. As well as the instructional content you’ll find numerous articles and other fun and informative content.

Inside my videos, I’ll show you how to’s on (but not exclusive to):

  • Time Signatures
  • Polyrhythms
  • Metric Modulation
  • Displacement
  • Odd Subdivisions
  • Groove Concepts
  • Gear

Aaron Edgar Bio - Polyrhythms 1 Master
Who is Aaron Edgar? 

“In grade seven I was given the option of music or art. I decided hitting things was far cooler than drawing a bowl of fruit,” recalls Aaron Edgar, when looking back at what first got him interested in drums and percussion in junior high-school. It wasn’t love at first sight or inspiration garnered from listening to his favorite bands that placed him behind a drum set. In fact, with 12 years of age, this Winnipeg, Manitoba native had no interest in music whatsoever. It was the sheer fact of playing drums that sparked Aaron Edgar’s curiosity for music.

Aaron Edgar was born on December 14, 1982 to a biracial family but was later adopted by an English couple. He believes his natural predisposition toward rhythm was in part inherited from his biological father’s side of the family, whose eastern-Indian heritage was rhythmically and musically rich. Love for rhythm was in Aaron Edgar’s genes; it was just a matter of waiting for that one thing that would awake his musical self. Curiously enough that one thing arrived in the form of a forced resolution: picking between art classes and the school band.

The only instrument Aaron Edgar felt he’d remotely enjoy playing was the drum set. However, he had to go through an interview with the band teacher before getting started. The meeting went far worse than initially planned, as the drum set had already been taken by another student. Aaron Edgar refused to play other instruments, going as far as threatening to leave the school’s music program if his will wasn’t met. Seeing how determined Aaron was about playing drum set, the band teacher decided to let him have a go. Soon enough, playing drums and listening to music became the only things Aaron Edgar liked doing. He poured his heart and soul into this new venture, attaining a 98 percent average in the school band. There was no turning back. Drumming had become Aaron Edgar’s way of life.

Through hard work, passion and dedication, Aaron Edgar quickly became a professional studio and touring musician. He’s played and recorded with artists of the likes of The Waking Eyes, Imaginary Cities, Ridley Bent, Willie Mack, Grand Analog, Blast Action Hero, The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Jack Semple, Smokin’ Joe Kubek and Benois King, just to name a few. His far-reaching style has earned him accolades around the world and endorsement deals with Sonor drums, Hammerax gongs and cymbals, Vater Percussion, Evans Drumheads, Puresound Percussion, Power Wrist Builders, Kelly SHU, Protection Racket and BillDidIt. Aaron Edgar credits his success as a freelance musician to not limiting himself to specializing in one genre of music and drumming only.

Apart from his bright career as a professional musician, Aaron Edgar has found great success as a private drum teacher as well. He’s been going at it for over 15 years and has taught roughly 150 students. Some of his teaching methods and concepts can be found in BOOM! – A Beginner’s Guide To Playing Drums and in the videos he posts regularly in his YouTube account. Aaron Edgar is currently practicing ambidexterity and “secret” rhythmic concepts for the release of his second educational book series, Dexterity In Odd Rhythms. His vast experience as an educator and love for sharing knowledge, coupled with his ability to play various styles of music with ease and of taking rhythmic concepts to a whole new level, make for yet another fantastic drummer to learn from and get inspired by on Drumeo. “I’m very excited to be working with Drumeo and be able to teach and help a wider audience express themselves on the drum set,” said Aaron Edgar in the aftermath of joining Drumeo. “Working closely with Jared and the Drumeo team certainly isn’t a downside either!”

Albeit his super-human drumming abilities, Aaron Edgar still indulges in activities that have nothing to do with drumming, like the rest of us mere mortals. He loves sunsets and long walks on the beach. His favorite movies are Super Troopers and the Bourne Trilogy, while South Park soothes his television cravings. Aaron Edgar has a soft spot for animals and is owned by two cats and three geckos. His favorite body fuel is pizza.

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