Bass Drum Tuning : Phat Kicks

Bass Drum Tuning : Phat Kicks

In this video we’ll go over bass drum tuning with a 22×20 Sonor SQ2 Beech Medium Bass Drum (Stratawood High Gloss / Ebony inside)

There are a million views on how to go about bass drum tuning. When tuning for a phat, modern sound. his is how I do it and I’ve tried to lay it out in a way that anyone can give it a try as well. I’ll walk you through bass drumtuning, muffling and a few tips on dynamic playing with an open tuning.

Starting with your heads off line your head logo up with your drum badge for replacing the head exactly how it was. In this video Aaron has chosen an Evans EMAD clear batter head with an Evans EQ1 clear batter as a reso. The reso has been ported with a “Holz” port tool. This needs to be done with the head off the drum otherwise the head will tear.

Tension the head up a little to stretch it. This will help it seat to the bearing edge better and if there’s excessive glue in the head’s collar it will release. You can hear this with little cracks and pops as you tune it up. Make sure when stretching the heads you tension it evenly as to not get the head used to being out of tune. When you’ve done this with both heads, slack them both back off completely and begin to tune. To start, Aaron usually takes the heads to a ‘finger tight’ tension. Just above where there’s wrinkles. Generally this yields the lowest, phattest tone.

If you’re going to be playing loud, you’ll want to attach beater patches so you don’t tear through your head. Aaron’s patch of choice is the Evans AF (Aramid Fibre) patch. Seat these with your pedal attached so you can be 100% sure they’re in the right place.

This video isn’t for incredibly aggressive bass drum sounds. There’s a follow up coming for that!

In this video Aaron Edgar exclusively uses Sonor Drums, Evans Drumheads and Vater Sticks  / Mallets

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