GoPro Video Setup

GoPro Cameras and Accessories

gopro camera rig

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of GoPro cameras. Currently I use four GoPro HD Hero 2 cameras on my videos. Their placement depends on what I’m doing. Generally I like a front facing cam, high enough to catch the kit. An overhead shot, a pedal cam and then a side shot.

I have almost every accessory (and multiple thereof) that they make. Most notably for drummers the “Ride Hero” or “Handlebar Seatpost Mount” is amazing because you can fix it to almost any piece of drum hardware for some pretty impossible to get shots with any other camera.

Another important add on to the GoPro HD Hero 2 cameras is the WiFi bacpac. (On the Hero 3 models they all come WiFi enabled for the same functionality without a peripheral attachment). This feature to me is absolutely incredible. It means from my iPhone or iPad I can control every single aspect of up to FIFTY GoPros simultaneously. Including streaming and previewing your shots. Incredibly handy feature!

I’m excited that they introduced ProTune which gives you a raw output. GoPro cameras normally enhance your shots, which is great if you’re just using GoPro’s. However, when you start adding them to shoots with other cameras they can stick out. It’s usually very obvious which shots are done with the GoPro. With a raw setting, I like to say they, “play well with others”. Using ProTune raw, it’s easier to color grade all your different cameras to match. Currently, I only use GoPro right now so it doesn’t affect me. I can see how this would be an incredibly useful feature on other pro shoots. Especially if you were using a different camera for some of your shots.

Specific GoPro Gear

GoPro Hero 3+ Black (x3)
GoPro HD Hero 2 (x4)
Hero 3+ Skeleton Housing (x3)
Hero 2 Skeleton Housing (x4)
Hero 3+ Waterproof Housing (x3)
Hero 2 Waterproof Housing (x4)
3D Hero (x2)
Ride Hero (Seatpost Mount) (x8)
LCD Touch BacPac (x2)
LCD BacPac (x2)
WiFi BacPac (x4)
WiFi Remote (x4)
Chesty Mount
Head Strap Mount (x2)
Suction Cup Mount (x2)

Other Important Video Gear

On top of the cameras there are quite a few other important factors into video recording, especially for broadcast. The audio rig goes without saying but we’ll cover that on another page. I run two of my cameras directly into my MacPro tower using Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro cards. This allows me to have two full HDMI feeds in real time into my machine.

The Intensity Pro cards feed two camera feeds into Wirecast software. In Wirecast I set up intro splash screens, outro splash screens, any still images I need and three camera shots : Main face / kit cam. Pedal cam and a multi-cam which is the main cam with the pedal cam boxed in the corner. Using this method I can switch angles in real time while broadcasting video entirely on my own.