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Polyrhythms Simplified Intro Lesson

Polyrhythms are essentially two or more contrasting rhythms played simultaneously. The easiest example to learn is two over three. If you haven’t got a handle on that yet, click the video above to get started.

Where polyrhythms get tricky is in how they’re applied musically and understanding what each number means. Since we already started talking about two over three, let’s use it as an example. In two over three, we’re implying two equally spaced notes over three equally spaced notes. In it’s most basic form at least. What’s important about that wording is that when it’s over three, means that the three beat part needs to be in closest relation to our pulse. Best way to do that is to take a bar of 3/4 and use quarter notes, let’s say on our bass drum. There we have three beats and they straight up, are our pulse. Now to cut that bar into two equal beats we need to first use eighth notes, which makes it so there are six available notes in the bar. Then within those eighth notes play every third one. Let’s use our snare drum, if we started on beat one, our second note would be between two and three, on the “and” of two. There we have two equally spaced notes on our snare drum over three equally spaced notes on our bass drum.



While I’m working on this page, feel free to check out some of the links below to get started learning about this exciting topic!

48″ Boomywang Polyrhythms
In this video, it’s more of a demonstration rather than an actual lesson. I’m taking my 48″ Hammerax Boomywang Prototype and playing polyrhythmically against it’s oscillation.

Mean HiHats 4 over 3
Here we’ll learn a really cool four over three polyrhythm groove on our hihats against the kick and snare drum pulse.

Funky Kick 4 over 3
Another great four over three lesson where we take the bass drum and play it in groups of 3/16 underneath our quarter note based meter

Polyrhythmic 5/4 Groove
et’s take a groove in 5/4 but place our kicks and snares to equally space out four accents in this funky polyrhythm lesson

Part 5 : 6 over 5 and 6 over 7 : Theory / Basics
n this video we’re going to take a look at a couple different polyrhythms based in sixteenth note triplets. Six over five and six over seven.

The Polyrhythms Series Prequel : Polyrhythmic Theory
his video explains the basics of polyrhythmic theory.

Part 4 MORE sixteenth based polyrhythmic insanity!
This video dives further into sixteenth note based polyrhythms. Arguably the most usable type.

Part 3 Odd Time Polyrhythmic Linear Breakbeat
In this video we’ll dive into interesting styles such as breakbeat and learn how we can apply polyrhythms within them!

Part 2 DJENT Grooves, Longer Phrases and Double Bass
Here we’re going to take eighth note triplet based polyrhythms and play them in a few types of metal stylings including DJENT!

Part 1 Theory, Basics and INTENSE Polyrhythmic Blast Beats!
This is the beginning of my original polyrhythm series, that I never fully completed online.

Catt Halpern Drum Lesson : 4 over 3 With Stengah
This is Stengah the cat’s breakout video, explaining a furry version of four over three.

This is my first paid lesson I ever did on my website