Linear Drumming – Used To Be Alright (I Mother Earth)

Linear Drumming – Used To Be Alright

Hey everybody! I’m really excited to bring you this linear drumming beat. I learned this back in junior high school. I must have been twelve, maybe thirteen years old, tops. It was one of the first really funky and exciting songs I learned to play. This song is by a Canadian rock band, I Mother Earth. Who, in my opinion’s best album was Scenery And Fish. Maybe just because it was one of those albums I grew up listening to. Anyway, enough of my life’s story, let’s get to hittin’ some drums!

Step one:

For this first step, we’re not doing linear drumming at all. We’re going to take a regular funk drum groove with a few ghost notes and get that happening on the kit. The reason being, it’s much easier to start with this groove, and it’s physically almost identical to the groove we’re going to end up with.

Linear drum groove part 1 linear drumming

Step two:

This next step is where we begin to be linear. We’re going to remove half of the right hand notes and move our right hand to the rim of the snare drum. This gives us a rest on beat three which is fun to play. You’ll notice in the video I occasionally played a hihat with my left foot in this space. Another thing to note is that when we get to the second part of the verse the right hand alternates between a cymbal and the rim.

Used To Be Alright groove 2

Step three:

In the third and final step, we’re really kickin’ this linear drumming pattern into full tilt by making our left hand’s ghost notes more interesting! We’re going to take the first and last ghost notes (the “e” of one and the “ah” of four) and put them on the hihat. Then the middle two (the “ah” of two and the “e” of three) are going to go on the rim of the tom and then the tom it’s self.

used to be alright linear drumming
Kick up the tempo and you’ve got yourself one super funky beat! Enjoy!

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